Connect with us at SSWR 2018

Many of our co-lab members are presenting at SSWR, the annual conference of the Society for Social Work and Research. We invite you to attend our sessions and learn more about our research and REALYST.

Friday, January 12

Research Design and Measurement (122)
Establishing a National Research Collaborative to Examine Risk and Resilience Among Homeless Young Adults in Seven U.S. Cities (Independence BR A (ML 4))
Speakers/Presenters: Kristin M. Ferguson, PhD, Hsun-Ta Hsu, PhD, MSW, Jama Shelton, PhD, Robin Petering, PhD, Kimberly A. Bender, PhD, Anamika Barman Adhikari, PhD, Sarah Narendorf, PhD and Diane Santa Maria, DrPH

Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity (128)
Advancing Methods and Measurement with LGBTQ Populations (Liberty BR Salon J (ML 4)) 
Moderator: Jama Shelton, PhD

Inequality, Poverty, and Social Welfare Policy (159)
Achieving Health and Mental Health Equity for Homeless Youth: Findings from the Homeless Youth Risk and Resiliency Survey (Marquis BR Salon 8 (ML 2)) 
Symposium Organizer: Sarah Narendorf, PhD

Saturday, January 13

Adolescent and Youth Development (190)
Assessing the Impact of the Grand Challenges: A Progress Report from Ensure Healthy Development for All Youth By Unleashing the Power of Prevention (Marquis BR Salon 14 (ML 2)) 
Speakers/Presenters: Jeffrey Jenson, PhD, J David Hawkins, PhD, Valerie Shapiro, PhD, Kimberly Bender, PhD, Richard Catalano, PhD, Mark Fraser, PhD and Brianna Lombardi, MSW

Sunday, January 14

Mental Health (333)
Psychiatric Care Issues/Help-seeking Behaviors (Marquis BR Salon 16 (ML 2)) 
Moderator: Sara Narendorf, PhD

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