Homeless Youth Risk and Resilience Survey


Researchers interested in understanding the needs and strengths of young people experiencing homelessness typically rely, out of necessity, on small localized samples. This limits their ability to understand the full range of experiences of young people across the country. What's more, very little is understood about the actual lives and experiences of these young people. To fully address youth homelessness, a comprehensive and up-to-date understanding of the behaviors, demographics, experiences, and sources of resiliency is required. To address this need, we developed the Homeless Youth Risk and Resiliency Survey (HYRRS). The HYRRS is an assessment tool that collects in-depth detail on the experiences of young people and is designed to provide insight into differences and similarities across cities and communities.

Survey Data Fact Sheets


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Participants and Procedures

  • Young adults ages 18-26

  • Homeless or housed with a voucher

  • Interviewed and recruited at homeless services specifically for young adults: drop-in centers, shelters, transitional housing

  • 200+ young people in each city for surveys; 30 of those for qualitative interview

  • Survey self-administered on iPads


Participants to date




Cisgender Male    59%
Cisgender Female    34%
Trans/Genderqueer/Other    7%

Sexual Orientation

Heterosexual    71%
Bisexual    14%
Gay/Lesbian        9%
Something Else/Questioning    6%



Mean Age




White    19%
Black    37%
Hispanic    17%
Multiracial    16%
Other    11%

Ever in Foster Care 




High School Degree/GED


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Spent last night in...

Unstable Housing     18%
Shelter    49%
Streets    33%


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Please use the following citation when referring to HYRRS data:

Research, Education, and Advocacy Co-Lab for Youth Stability and Thriving (REALYST). (2018). Homeless youth risk and resilience survey. Retrieved from realyst.org.